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Bahama Mama


Getting There.

This trip was for my 23rd birthday. I booked a cruise for a group of 8 initially, but in true human fashion, people started dropping like flies. SMH. So we ended up with 4 confirmed attendees. Me, my best friends Chris and Desiree, and Daniella.


This was me and Desiree’s very first time flying, ever. Yikes! I was extremely nervous. We had to fly to Miami to get to the port for our ship. We sailed with Carnival Cruise line and our boat name was Imagination.


Take off was sooooo scary!!!!!! Omg. It’s sad because I panicked (mentally) the entire time and we were back on the ground before I knew it. lol


We board our ship, and check in to our cabin. Since this was also my first cruise, everything was amazing. Music everywhere, free food, random people, and my closest friends ready to celebrate 3 days and 2 nights for my birthday.


We spent our whole first night sleeping, LOL! We were all so excited about turning up that first night and all we really did was sleep. Haha


At some point, we woke up. We went to some of the clubs on the ship and had a little alcohol (just a tad, lol) and we had the time of our life. I cannot dance at all, not even a little bit, but I did not care! LOL! I won't mention any names, but someone in our group may or may not have consumed too much alcohol and we had to take care of them.


It was cool being in the middle of the ocean. There were times I would look out the window in our cabin and there would be random thunderstorms over the water. It was hard to chill on the patio of the ship because it was extremely windy.


As soon as the ship docked, we hopped on a tour bus and got to experience some of the neighborhoods in Nassau. We saw some of their landmarks, hospitals and City Hall buildings. Then we stopped by some touristy/historical locations.


We also stopped by one of the beaches where locals we cooking on the grill and just having a good time. For the first time, I tried conch. It wasn't really bad, but I can't say I'd voluntarily try it again lol.

Our last stop on the bus was Atlantis.


We get back to the ship, the continuation of turn up commenced.


On our last day, it was bittersweet. This was my first real trip aside from road trips to cities close by.

We packed our crap & returned back to reality. Until next time!

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