So, I Flew Across The Country To Sue My Neighbor...

So, I Flew Across The Country To Sue My Neighbor...


Getting There.

This particular trip is literally unbeleivable. Here’s a little background information:

In April 2015, my dog who has now passed away (Rest in Peace Sandy Wandy) was attacked by a dog in my apartment complex. Long story short, I sued the owner of the dog for the medical costs I spent for Sandy’s surgery. After filing the lawsuit, I received an invitation in the mail to appear on a television show called Hot Bench to pursue my case. This was so strange to me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it….until they followed up with a phone call. I was sold! LOL Free, ALL expense paid (and I do mean ALL), 3 day trip to LA for me, my dog and my boyfriend at the time. Sign me up! Within about 3 days, my trip was booked, my shifts were covered and I was on my way across the country.

Day 1

We had an extremely rough time getting to LA. Our flight had a layover in Houston, TX but at the time, there was a tropical storm in Texas which delayed our flight out. After repeated delays, we finally catch our flight, the downside is we’ve missed the flight that would get us from Houston to Los Angeles. Without going into too much detail, we ended up spending the night in Houston. This whole thing was nightmare. Traveling with an animal is not easy and it's even harder when you're stuck in an airport and can't exactly walk your dog when she's been in a carrier for over 12 hours.


Day 2

We caught the first flight out to LA that next morning. Unfortunately, thanks to the flight fiasco, we missed an entire day that could've been spent enjoying the city. That sucked.


A taxi driver picked us up from the airport and took us to the hotel which may have been about an hour away...I don't remember.

We were booked at the Westin in Pasadena which was really nice. Once we dropped our luggage off in the room, we went wandering around the area. It was cool for me because I had never been this far away from home before and the area looked exactly like I imagined. Beautiful with palm trees and the perfect weather.

We visited the typical In 'N Out Burger and strolled through some of the local neighborhoods. The burger place okay I guess. My opinion on food shouldn't hold much weight because I'm an extremely picky eater. So, ask somebody else lol.


Day 3

The very next day was court day. A taxi was sent to us at our hotel around noon and off we went. I got extremely nervous because this whole thing was just surreal. I flew clean across the country...with my sue someone....on TV!

We pull up to the studio in Hollywood and go into a private room where the producers had us recite our story (which was 100% truth, nothing was dramatized at all) to make sure we were prepared. I gave them all of my evidence and they gave me cash (per diem), strapped us up with our mic and we walked onto the stage. The courtroom was the stage of course. There was an audience and everything basically looked like a regular courtroom. They had us practice walking in a couple of times before we determined the perfect entry which is shown on TV. My boyfriend and Sandy were already seated as me and "that lady" walked in.

After presenting my case, going back and forth with "that lady" and judge deliberation, I won! Of course lol

We walk off the stage, they did a post case interview and literally that was it. We weren't there more than 20 minutes. They took us back to our hotel and everything else was up to us. We only had the rest of that day and the next morning to explore LA. Ugh.


At the time this photo, was taken we had already left the studio and I was a winner. LOL!

This was my first time going to court btw..and it wasn't even really court, lol


After going back to the room, changing clothes, etc , we caught an Uber into the LA area. We just told him to drop us off on Hollywood Blvd. Since we no longer had much time to do/see much, the least we could do is visit the walk of fame.


The Hollywood strip was pretty lit. There were people in costume everywhere, live music, crowds at every other corner and all sorts of museums and gift shops.

It was cool seeing some recognizable names. If I'm not mistaken, we walked the entire strip.

I hate that I didn't take or save more photos but I never knew I would end up wanting to blog about it. *sad face*


We ended our night at a Buffalo Wild Wings on the strip, talking to random locals and stuffing our face with food.


Day 4

Our day has come to finally leave to go back to Atlanta....AND we get more delays. Just like we did on the way here. Apparently the president was in town and that had some sort of effect on us. THEN they tell us our flight was overbooked and offered us travel vouchers to give up or seat. AND WE DID! But that was a good and bad idea. They gave us a lot of travel bucks but our new flight had delays and we had a layover in Phoenix. At some point, y'all....we got home. We may have spent about 12-14 hours in LAX. Wow. The whole flight part of this trip was a nightmare. Made me never want to take a flight with layovers. But I got over that quick lol

I wish everything had gone smoothly in the first place. The experience would've been seamless, but the entire trip and the reasoning behind it was truly one of a kind and I'm glad I can say that I did it lol. Not only did we not have to spend a single dime, but we also got some free future flights out of it.


Rest in Peace Sandy Wandy Arnold

09/06/2005- 02/23/2016

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