14hrs In The Windy City

14hrs In The Windy City


Getting There: 

So, this was my first time flying alone.

This one started off a little rocky. Initially, this was a duo trip. I was supped to go to Chicago on August 19th with my coworker Tia. We were super excited. She was going to see her husband who was in Chicago for work. She and I were going to roam the city until it was time for them to meet up. Perfect plan, right? WRONG.

So, the morning of departure, about 3am to be specific. I’m at Hartsfield Airport. Why? Because I always get to the airport way before my flight departs. SMH I think It departed around 6am. I’m outside of the checkpoint area just sitting waiting for my moment to get ready and go to my gate. I can’t remember exactly how long I sat there before I started reading the flight departure chart.

Anywho, at some point I see red font. MY flight from Atlanta to Chicago via US Airways had been canceled. CANCELED!!!!! WHAT!?!? I was confused. So, I immediately called the customer service number and she gives me two options..I could take the next flight out around 1pm (not happening) or take one the next morning at 7am (OBVIOUSLY not happening!) OMG Y’all….why!? So I mention the one my coworker was on which was the same airline and I’m informed that the flight Tia was on had already been booked. Ugh. So, I hang up the phone (not in her face) & I’m trying to come up with my own solution. I start looking online for same day flights and not only were they expensive, but they were at times I couldn’t work with. This was a one day trip. I booked the earliest flight out and the latest flight back. No luck.

AND THEN…..to make matters worse, I looked over at the flight chart again and my returning flight was canceled too! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!! How in the world can a 10pm flight be canceled already? Now, no matter what flight I catch to Chicago, I now have to find another one to get back home. This was a nightmare. So, I call customer service again. I probably sounded extremely sad. Coincidentally, I was answered by the same rep I had just spoken with about the first flight. She was probably over me lol. Anywho, she assisted me and issued a full refund of my trip. I grabbed my crap and went back home. :(

Getting There…Again:

So, this was my second first time flying alone. Lol

After last week’s fiasco, I was able to book a new set of flights for the following week for only a few dollars more. Everything went well, thank God.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I land at O’Hare the morning of August 28. And my day begins. As soon as I get to the CTA station, I hear live music being played and in some areas there were people singing. It was beautiful.

I took the Blue Line into downtown. The ride was an hour long. Their trains were small and cute. The passengers were very diverse and it was a peaceful ride. I don’t remember what station I got off for my journey. Sorry!


There was’t a whole lot that I needed to see in Chicago. My big things were The Bean & the Chicago Theater. Lame, I know. But I'm not a foodie and I don't drink.

10:15 My first stop was Chicago 360 or the John Hancock Observatory. Tia had a ticket leftover so I got in this place free.99. Lol, at the top which is 94 floors up in one of the fastest elevators in North America, you get a view of 4 different states, Lake Michigan, and endless selfies. I spent quite a bit of time here just enjoying the view and some ice cream I bought while I was up there. This was breathtaking. Just being alone in the Windy City in the perfect weather.


11:42 I find the Chicago Theatre accidentally!


I wandered around the downtown area for a while just literally walking with no intention. This place has the angriest drivers I’ve ever experienced. All you hear is horns honking non stop. People disregarded stop signs and didn’t even slightly care about pedestrians lol


13:05 I hop on another train or two and I find Millennium Park where the Bean is. Wow! This thing is pretty basic…but I’m so intrigued by it. I have no clue how long I sat at the Bean just embracing the environment. Tourists, locals, pets, kids running around, ice cream. I enjoyed it all.


I spent quite a while at the Bean, I had intended on going to the Navy Pier, Lincoln Zoo and some other places, but I honestly just didn’t feel like it. Walking for hours takes a toll on you. Plus I never even went to sleep the night before. I just kept telling myself that I could come back any day to visit lol


I grabbed some Starbucks and I texted my friend Kandice that lives in Chicago. She comes to pick me up along with two of her other friends  and we go to a pizza place that she knew of. It wasn’t deep dish unfortunately but I will be sure to try that on my next visit. We chilled at the pizza spot for a little bit and caught up. Idk why I didn’t get a selfie with her. I guess I just don’t think of these things when I’m just enjoying myself. I only have 13 photos from this entire trip, smh.

After hanging with Kandice, they dropped me off at the Red Line. I find my way back to civilization thanks to Google Maps. I had a little free time before my flight departed so I took a very necessary nap at the airport. Eventually the time comes for my flight and it gets delayed by maybe an hour. Ugh, really?!

Fast forward, I catch my flight. I landed back in Atlanta after midnight I think.

This trip was super short and straight to the point. Next time, I plan to go with someone and enjoy the food and Field Museum.

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