Best Of The West

Best Of The West


Getting There.

This trip was initially a solo trip. After mentioning it to some friends, they decided to come as well after a previously planned trip didn’t go as expected.

I’ve never been a fan of Vegas (& I’m still not), but I knew that flying there would be my easiest connection to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon which was priority on my Bucket List.

Day 1

13:00 Land at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Yash, Lam & I pickup our rental car & head straight to our hotel: Rio Las Vegas (meh)


17:00 We’re at Stratosphere getting food and site seeing. We spend some time…and money at the casinos. I played smart. At first lol. I bet $10 and won $11.


01:10 We’re walking the Las Vegas strip. All sorts of performers out here, people everywhere, even kids! Now…WHY do people bring children to Vegas? Any who, after seeing all the weirdness (in my opinion) we head back to the hotel.


Day 2

We wake up a little early. I cant remember where we had breakfast, but we check out of the hotel and hit the road to discovery.

9:59 We found Hoover Dam. This was nice to see. A bit overrated…I guess because I don’t understand why it’s so popular. Enlighten me please.


11:19 We’re on our path to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This entire route is unreal. Nothing but grass, tumbleweeds, a few wild horses and no gas stations.


14:23 At some point before this time, we arrive at the Grand Canyon. It took a really long time to get into the park due to the vehicular line we had to wait in to pay for a parking pass. Once we found a spot, we stopped by the visitors center. We bought some souvenirs, determined our plan and hopped on a shuttle to take us to one of the world’s natural wonders.


The shuttle had multiple stops that take you to all the view points of the canyon and back. The moment I caught my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, I felt so blessed to experience this. Something so beautiful in my own country!  We spent so many hours here. Gazing at the unlimited rocks and how they all had different textures, shapes and sizes. In some areas you could see snow because the peaks were so high. This particular day was extremely windy. If I’m not mistaken, they said the winds were at about 60mph. Yikes!


17:35 We’re on the road to Page, AZ. We drove through true Native American Navajo towns. It was amazing seeing Native Americans, and how they live!


23:54 We had already made it to Page, AZ and checked into our hotel at the Best Western Plus at Lake Powell. We all rested for a while before deciding what to do (I mean eat) next.

The lady at the check-in suggested that we try a local restaurant called Slackers. It’s very popular and has won tons of awards over the past few years. The restaurant is owned by a Page resident that also owned the ice cream shop next to it. The same guy that brought us our meal was the same guy that served us ice cream. Ironically, he was the owner! Very nice guy. He took the time to talk to us about our trip and seemed very genuine with a great sense of humor. & the food was good!


Day 3

Our initial plan was to visit Antelope Canyon. Unfortunately this did not happen due to us not reserving a tour in a timely manner. I was pretty disappointed especially because that was the only thing I wanted to see in Page & we had driven so far. I am going to make sure I come back!

14:26 After doing some calling around for tour openings with no luck, we just went and got breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. We discovered Horseshoe Bend at some point during this time, so that was next on our list. This place was only a couple of minutes away from our hotel. I most definitely was not prepared for what I was about to see. This place was beautifully and naturally crafted. It had a unique horseshoe shape and the Colorado river ran right through it. Amazing!


17:44 We’re on the most amazing journey ever heading back to Vegas. The beautiful part about this ride back was the multitude of endless mountains we drove by, around, and through! I did most of the driving leaving from the Grand Canyon. The road we took carried us literally alongside the entire South Rim. We drove by views much greater than the ones we saw hopping on and off the shuttle. We even saw wildlife animals like bears and elk. Along the ride we had to drive through areas of Arizona, Utah and Nevada. That was pretty cool to do in only a few hours. Driving was very difficult for me because driving on the edge of a mountain made me extremely nervous. At some points, we were so high up that it would be snowing pretty heavily, next thing you know its pouring down raining and at a lower level it’s about 75 degrees..CRAZY! But memorable nonetheless. I’m glad to have been able to say I drove in those conditions in those environments. This was an experience I never expected and will never ever forget. Ever.


Day 4

Last full day of our trip. We checked back into Rio the night before. We grabbed breakfast and wandered around to visit some of the major hotels on the strip. They were beautiful and made our hotel look like a motel (which wasn’t very hard to do) lol Even though all these things were nice to experience, I am still not a fan of Vegas. I’m more into natural wonders and sight seeing. Gambling, drinking, and “turning up” isn’t my thing. I know I’m a granny. :(


Day 5

Nothing exciting on this last day, we checked out and went back to the airport. Peace!

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