Views From The 6

Views From The 6


Getting There.

I landed at Buffalo, NY airport at 10:34 a.m. after a layover in Newark, New Jersey.

Next, I picked up my rental from Hertz (after LOT of hassling, ugh)

Then I hit the road to Toronto. This was a 2 hour drive.

It was pretty cool driving through their small towns and seeing speed limits posted at 80km versus 60mph. I most definitely was speeding. It was hard to adjust! lol


This is the rental they gave me. They were out of Bentleys.

 I had a REALLY tough time dealing with boarder patrol. Took me about 45 minutes extra each time I crossed the boarder. Maybe it's just unusual to visit a country for a few hours....with luggage.....alone with no intention in staying overnight and a brand new passport. They made me pull over, asked me a billion questions if not more AND they literally basically tore my rental apart searching under cushions, my luggage and trunk looking for who knows what. It was very weird, but I just kept telling myself that they probably do this to everybody...hopefully.


I truly only came to Toronto because 1) the drive was so short from Niagara Falls and 2) The CN Tower lol Even when I was miles away, I was pretty excited when I could see the tower in the distance.


Ironically I took this photo on 7/11


Didn't get a chance to take the street car. I enjoyed traveling by foot so I could stop at whatever caught my attention. I ended up in random, shopping areas, office spaces and basically walked so far that I had a 30 minute stroll to get back to my car lol


 This presentation of amazement was crafted by Toronto's very own OG Chimneys. This is their $10 Dream Cone and let me tell you.....GOOD LORD. I lost track of how long I stood in line for this but it was definitely worth it. It's a cinnamon covered doughnut cone wrapped around vanilla soft serve, Nutella, butter toffee bits, organic cocoa drizzle and topped with a homemade salted caramel brownie. GREATNESS! @OGChimneys


 Truthfully, I had the perfect plan for Toronto. I was going to park at a random parking area and take the Toronto transit system to get around to some interesting areas, but I was extremely tired. I got literally zero sleep the night before my flight (which I do every single time I have an early flight, smh) So I was a walking zombie. It was tough staying awake to drive two hours to and from Toronto, but somehow I made it. I didn't fulfill my full itinerary at all because I felt pretty weak so I made sure I saw my main focus, the CN Tower, wandered around, and drove back to my hotel

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