1 Of 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

1 Of 7 Natural Wonders Of The World


Getting There.

Looking back, had I gotten enough sleep the night before my flight, I could've done Niagara Falls AND Toronto in the same day. That would've cut costs on my rental and my hotel lol oh well. I'm


just being cheap lol.

I stayed at the Ramada Niagara Falls-Fallsview. The hotel actually wasn't bad. I didn't have extremely high expectations but I was shocked to see the spa tub in my room, but saddened that I had to pay for parking AND breakfast. SMH at least there was free wi-fi..unlike Vegas but that's irrelevant.

8:00 Checked out, left my car in the parking lot and took about a 10-15 minute walk down the road & landed at Niagara Falls (intentionally of course)


This thing was breath taking. I couldn't believe it. There was hardly anyone besides me that was out here this early so I almost felt like I had this view all to myself. I walked up and down the street just enjoying the view. This is what I had been waiting for ever since the night of June 15, 2012 when I watched Nik Wallenda break a Guinness World Record by being the first tight rope walker to cross Niagara Falls at 1,800 feet high. I'll never forget that night. I was so oddly amused and promised myself that I would see this place in person. Niagara Falls was the very first entry on my now extensive bucket list.



The time lapse above is what is considered the American side of the falls. I crossed over on my way out and it does NOT compare to the Canadian side. Simply because the view is as if you're behind it so the angle is terrible in comparison.




Random photo of gas prices that I hadn't seen in over a decade in the states.


One thing I was determined to do at the Falls was to be in both countries at the same time. This little sign on the Peace Bridge meant everything to me. Left foot in the states, right foot in Canada. Crown me!


A really good friend of mine is from the Buffalo, NY area and he told me to check out Anchor Bar on my way back to the airport. I had never heard of this place, but as it turns out, this place is the originator of Buffalo Wings. Go figure?! Although, I heard there has been speculation around that fact, I went and had me a 10pc at my last stop.


The wings were good. Unexpected experience and I felt like a local at this random place in a non touristy city in New York.

My fun has finally come to an end. I return my rental and hop on my plane back to Hartsfield-Jackson. Ciao.

Steps Taken: 20,720

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