Bahamian Getaway

Bahamian Getaway

I had been to the Bahamas before, but only by cruise. 

This time, I had the opportunity to actually enjoy the island of Nassau & truly relax without the bother of ship horns calling me back to the port. 

One of my best friends planned this trip to celebrate her birthday & since I’m basically the only person on the planet (or so it seems) that doesn’t need “time to think about it” when it comes to trips, it was just us two lol

Our first tackle was “how in the world are we getting to the hotel from the airport?!” After calling the hotel about a shuttle, they basically said “Nah, take a taxi”.

We ended up finding taxis right outside the entrance of the airport. These were not your typical Yellow Cab type taxis. They were like old miniature buses. To be honest, we were a bit nervous just off the appearance, but it seemed legit sooo YOLO.

Then came lesson #1.

Before landing, we talked about getting cash in local currency, but we didn't withdraw anything before boarding our flight. We saw an ATM once we landed, but we didn't want to pay an arm and a kidney in fees. "Luckily" the taxis took debit/credit. Well, anyway, my friend paid with her card for our $25 taxi, but was charged $35.  We immediately regretted not having cash. I have always known that having cash while international was highly recommended to avoid scamming, but in this case we just didn't make time to acquire any. I'm sorry Suh. :(


After the "did he just over charge me!?" debacle, we made it to our lovely resort: Grand Hyatt Baha Mar. This resort was really nice! When I travel, I put the least amount of effort into where I stay. I NEVER stay in trash hotels, but I also never stay in superior ones lol.

This resort was definitely the nicest in the cluster of resorts surrounding it. It had only been open for less than a year now & was NOT cheap. 

We spent a lot of time walking around to see what WASN'T on the resort. Aside from the casino, there were luxury retail stores like Rolex, Tiffany & Co., and Gucci to name a few. lol There were so many nice restaurants and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. So helpful & friendly that we made friends.

Most of the employees we met were from the area & they gave us a lot of tips on what to do & where to go. 

Our first venture off the resort required us to take public transportation. The local bus system in Nassau was very similar to the taxi vehicles. The cost per ride was $1.25 & you pay when you get off by just putting your fare in a little basket up front. The buses weren't big and shiny like one would be used to from living in a big city, but this gave us a good "local" vibe. There was no Uber/Lyft so the buses were our primary mode of transportation unless you take a cab. I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of the busses. They were really small and tight. I just didn't want to seem awkward snapping photos while locals are just sitting next to me trying to get to work. So, I'll leave the visual for your imagination.


We took the bus downtown. This are was FULL of tourists because it was in the same area that cruise ships arrive. I had been in this area before so there was nothing new to see, but it was nice to see locals at work & hear Bahamian music with a hint of cat calling in the background, lol *eye roll*. That's an international thing I guess. We didn't stay here for long. We went back to the shuttle stop & headed back to the resort.

As each day went by, we ventured into varying parts of the resort. There were so many options that would give no need to really leave. One of my favorites was the touch pool. I got to touch sharks & sting rays up close and personal. See below!


We ate lots of good food including the highly requested Conch Fritters & free drinks thanks to our new Bahamian family, lol.

My friend & I spent a lot of time stretched out at the beach while free drinks just KEPT finding us. I kept it simple though because I'm not a drinker whatsoever. We also "attempted" to kayak in the Atlantic & lets just say that was a first and a last. *crying emoji*


One of the trip highlights was DEFINITELY going out wit the locals. Honestly, I/we were a little nervous because a lot of articles suggest staying on the resort when visiting islands, but due to the nature of the way we even got to this hotel, the amount of people we were with & their character, we felt a litte safe(r).

They took use where they call "Under the Bridge" which was a strip of bars under the Paradise Island Bridge. The place we went to was called Moby Dick's & it looked like a realllly small bar the size of a walk-in closet, but it was a club! Literally. 

Everyone was SO nice and welcoming. They really took care of us genuinely. I was nervous about letting people know where I was from but that went out the window due to my lack of accent & literally being dressed like someone that wasn't local lol.  A lot of them actually had been to Atlanta multiple times & some of them used to lived there. So, we exchanged WhatsApps (is that how you say it?) & now we're friends for life! Lol Shoutout to Wesley, Shaneik, Aniska, Wilkah, Lakeisha, Michael, Robert, Jermaine, O'Brien & ALLLL of our new Bahamian friends. You guys really made the trip much more fun.


I look a little rough on the bottom two pictures, but give me a break! It was our last day lol.

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