DC for My BDay

DC for My BDay

Went to DC for my birthday. This was my 2nd time I think. I feel like I've had a layover in DC before (even though layovers don't technically count), but I can't remember.

Honestly, my ultimate goal in DC was to relax & see museums because on my previous visit, I was only in town for a day (not even a whole day at that) & really only spent time at the National Mall while President Barack Obama was in office.

This time, I really didn't spend much time in that area for obvious reasons.

After checking into my hotel at the Hilton Garden Inn, I walked to grab food at We, the Pizza at Crystal City Shops which is basically this office building with a food court lol. The pizza was OKAY. I mean...I was hungry. lol


Anywho, I gulped my [dry] pizza & took an Uber to the Hirshhorn Museum.

Honestly, I'm not "artsy" nor am I familiar with specific artists, but I love cool stuff. Is this bad? I was looking forward to the "Polka Dot" room, but apparently I was 4 months too late. I meannn that was my whole point of coming to DC. *eye roll* Anyway. It is what it is.


I'm really sorry to the artists for not noting the name of the exhibits nor the artists responsible. However, I LOVED the "Room with all the paper". I had fun having my photos taken "off guard" while literally playing in a room with sheets of paper being distributed from the ceiling. There was also the "Giant Man" sculpture. 

This museum was cool.


Aside from the "Polka Dot" room, I was really excited about visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I'm so glad I reserved tickets before coming to DC. I had to get up at 6 am to secure tickets online 3 months in advance because I heard how it was nearly impossible to get in same day & they only open up reservations months in advance unless you want to try your luck at walking up. I reserved tickets for 2 days only because I wasn't sure which day would be best for me. As it turned out, the museum was so huge, I actually HAD to spend two days lol. This place was perfect for Black History Month.

There was so much to learn. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I didn't take any photos on the historical levels aside from the ONE image below from the 15th century. They covered so many things from life before slavery, through Jim Crow to present day. If anyone ever had a question on why African Americans feel unjustified by society or what it means to be oppressed, this place is where you should be. There is absolutely no way I could imagine someone leaving this museum with a smile on their face. It was reality, though. The artifacts, the stories, the reenactments & attention to detail was so amazing in a scary, depressing way. If that makes sense? I'm so grateful for the perceived progress that HAS been made, but there is so so so much more work to be done. 

The reminder of your ancestors literally having their history stripped from them, families being broken apart, people murdered, raped, mentally abused/brainwashed, & forced to build this country for FREE.. 

Is disgusting.

If you're reading this, PLEASE make a very conscious effort to visit the NMAAHC. 

It's impossible to regret it. Trust me.

Aside from the horrors of the history of the United States of America, the NMAAHC also highlighted the many, slow, but profound advancements made by African Americans in the service, arts & entertainment industry. There were features of fashion, stage plays, music, artwork, sports & the education system.  #BLM

Grabbed some food at DCity Smokehouse near Howard U.

Visited the Capitol & Supreme Court since these are the 2 buildings I didn't see on my first visit a couple of years back. These photos actually turned out really nicely. I'm assuming this was due to slight overcast from the rain. & my iPhone X.



Grabbed some NiceCream after an emergency stop to the Apple Store in Arlington.

This cute place had homemade ice cream with about a lb. of sugar per tablespoon. Let that marinate, lol. SO much sugar! It was so good though. I got a small cup of Tagalong ice cream. This came with a scoop of stomach ache later that night, btw.


I also visited the National Harbor which is in Maryland, but it was a dark rainy night so my one photo didn't come out well.

This night ended in a HILARIOUS Lyft ride & some Castor Oil. Yikes.


Overall, DC was great. I still have some things that I would like to do if/when I return, but relaxation was a huge priority this time around. I'm always constantly on the go whenever I travel because I want to squeeze everything in, but these four days were exactly what I needed.

Until next time, DMV.



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